1/6 investigation

January 6 Commission

I spent the entirety of Tuesday morning watching the 1/6 hearing to write about it on here later that day. As you can see, I didn't post on Tuesday. Nor did I post on Wednesday. Or even Thursday. And the post I originally planned on posting is not going to be what I'm posting today.… Continue reading January 6 Commission

Merrick Garland

Bad Precedent

I've never been one to want to see Donald Trump in jail merely because he's Donald Trump. But, on the other hand, he did many horrible things that I hold him accountable for -- for example, the negligent killing of 600,000 people by COVID-19.  But we can't just throw him in jail for being a negligent and… Continue reading Bad Precedent

Why Aren’t Democrats Talking about the Capitol Riots More?

It is the end of April 2021, and it seems as though coverage of the Capitol Riots has stopped being newsworthy. Where is Congress? Why in the hell aren't they making this into a more significant issue? The lawyer for Syracuse "Proud Boy" Matthew Greene blames Trump's rhetoric. Why aren't the Democrats making the riots and the… Continue reading Why Aren’t Democrats Talking about the Capitol Riots More?