Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory

The Republican Party has an unbelievable talent for fear-mongering and finding the boogeyman in any conceivable scenario. No other group on the planet is so skilled at this that they pull out the same old myths every so often, and people still continue to believe what the GOP tells them. For example, each year, Fox News narrates the story of the "War on Christmas" that has never actually happened. And while they never actually have any proof of it, they report on it annually. 

1/6 investigation

January 6 Commission

I spent the entirety of Tuesday morning watching the 1/6 hearing to write about it on here later that day. As you can see, I didn't post on Tuesday. Nor did I post on Wednesday. Or even Thursday. And the post I originally planned on posting is not going to be what I'm posting today.… Continue reading January 6 Commission

Liz Cheney v. House Republicans

Liz Cheney used to be a popular Republican in the House of Representatives representing Wyoming's at-large district. Daughter of Dick Cheney, she was a conservative darling, elected Chair of the House Republican Conference, making her the third-ranking Republican in the chamber behind the Minority Leader (Kevin McCarthy) and Minority Whip (Steve Scalise). She was well-respected… Continue reading Liz Cheney v. House Republicans