Extended Hiatus

I'm still dealing with how I feel about my mom having cancer (for the record, she is doing very well), so I’m not yet ready to write about such sensitive topics. In fact, I haven’t been doing any sort of writing whatsoever. There have been many things I’ve wanted to write about here, as so… Continue reading Extended Hiatus

Uvalde Mass Shooting

If you know me, you know I can't help but doomscroll. I can't help it; as somebody who loves the news, it's my nature. Unfortunately, the information isn't usually cheerful, but quite horrible -- hence, the doomscrolling.  However, I haven't been doomscrolling about the horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. I couldn't do that to… Continue reading Uvalde Mass Shooting

NAACP Urges Athletes Not to Sign in Texas

My rights in Texas are not protected. Neither are yours. Neither would these free agency athletes' rights be, which is why I fully agree with the NAACP. I no longer have the right to my reproductive health. My voting rights have been slashed. And I no longer have the right to not get COVID, because, quite honestly, it has more reproductive rights than I do. Transgender kids have also been targeted.

I could leave. I could move to a bluer state. Maybe a sane person would. But I won't. I can't fix the problems here in Texas if I'm not here to vote in Texas. I'm going to fight for the state I love, for my home. I'll vote, I'll march, hell, I'll run for office if it comes down to it. But I'm not leaving. I'm fighting.

So one day I can say, "Free agent athletes of the NAACP, come to Texas. You'll love it here."