January 6 Commission

After Benghazi, Republicans held 32 hearings, 7 Congressional investigations, published 11 reports, and even forced Hillary Clinton to testify for 11 hours. Democrats were not involved. Despite their best efforts, Republicans found nothing. However, they refuse to support a bipartisan commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection, an act of domestic terrorism, that happened right here in… Continue reading January 6 Commission

Arizona “Fraudit”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the Arizona audit of the votes in Maricopa County (where Phoenix is located), which is a third recount of the ballots called for by the Republican Arizona Senate. However, instead of a nonpartisan organization, the Arizona Senate hired an organization called Cyber Ninjas, a cybersecurity… Continue reading Arizona “Fraudit”

Liz Cheney and Moral Courage

Liz Cheney Insurrection Video I’m not fond of Liz Cheney’s policies. She voted with Donald Trump 92.9% of the time. She is not somebody I would ever support in an election, nor is she somebody for whom I could ever vote. I absolutely do not respect many of the things she has endorsed politically. But… Continue reading Liz Cheney and Moral Courage

Liz Cheney v. House Republicans

Liz Cheney used to be a popular Republican in the House of Representatives representing Wyoming’s at-large district. Daughter of Dick Cheney, she was a conservative darling, elected Chair of the House Republican Conference, making her the third-ranking Republican in the chamber behind the Minority Leader (Kevin McCarthy) and Minority Whip (Steve Scalise). She was well-respected… Continue reading Liz Cheney v. House Republicans

Why Aren’t Democrats Talking about the Capitol Riots More?

It is the end of April 2021, and it seems as though coverage of the Capitol Riots has stopped being newsworthy. Where is Congress? Why in the hell aren’t they making this into a more significant issue? The lawyer for Syracuse “Proud Boy” Matthew Greene blames Trump’s rhetoric. Why aren’t the Democrats making the riots and the… Continue reading Why Aren’t Democrats Talking about the Capitol Riots More?

Anti-Abortion Texas Legislation

Texas is considering several pieces of legislation that would be devastating to women’s healthcare. Unfortunately, these bills are very likely to pass and become law in Texas. They are some of the most extreme in the country and completely anti-choice. Sadly, Texas provides no sex education to prevent unplanned pregnancy, so 45-49% of pregnancies are… Continue reading Anti-Abortion Texas Legislation

Anti-Transgender Laws

While Democrats are focused on common-sense gun control, voting rights, and the American Jobs Plan, Republicans are unfortunately focused on making this a record-breaking year for anti-transgender laws, which will affect minors the most. Thirty-three states have introduced 117 laws that are making their way through state legislatures that specifically target the transgender community. These… Continue reading Anti-Transgender Laws


As I’m sure you’ve heard, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is caught up in quite a concerning issue. He is accused of not only sleeping with a 17-year-old female, but taking her across state lines on a trip. He is 38. (Let’s be clear here — if you are an adult, you are not sleeping with a… Continue reading Gaetzgate

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