Wearing pink and pearls as usual!

Who is Lindsay?

My name is Lindsay and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’m obsessed with my cat. I enjoy politics, reading, writing poetry, music, binge-watching TV, Lilly Pulitzer, SMU Mustangs football, and Dallas Cowboys football.

I aspire to be more like Jimmy Buffett. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is my biggest role model. I hope to one day turn Texas blue. I think Walt Disney World is magical, and I still believe in happily-ever-afters

I’m an Aries, an ENFP and a 2w3 so.

I’m a proud feminist and a proud Social Democrat.

“I want to love glitter, and also stand up for the double standards that exist in our society. I want to wear pink, and tell you how I feel about politics. And I don’t think that those things have to cancel each other out.”
— Taylor Swift

I’m very active on Twitter!



I also write poetry! These aren’t completely finished and need to be edited a little more, but they are the closest poems I have to being finished. I plan to self-publish a poetry book within the next year or two.

Sunshine Writes Poetry

And rarely, but occasionally, I want to talk about nothing pertinent, but I feel like putting down my random thoughts, rants, stories, or essays in writing. So I do!

Sunshine’s Random Rants

The love of my life, Penny Lane!
Happy New Year’s 2023!
Just hanging out!
Celebrating the Kentucky Derby!
On the field while nominated for Homecoming Queen at Southern Methodist University!
Celebrating Christmas 2022 with family!
Volunteering for my Texas State Representative Candidate!
Getting ready to go to my neighborhood’s Democratic group happy hour!
Celebrating the Kentucky Derby!
My Mom and me celebrating Alpha Chi Omega’s Bid Day… the best decision I ever made!
My Dad and I celebrating the Kentucky Derby!