Extended Hiatus

I’m still dealing with how I feel about my mom having cancer (for the record, she is doing very well), so I’m not yet ready to write about such sensitive topics. In fact, I haven’t been doing any sort of writing whatsoever.

There have been many things I’ve wanted to write about here, as so much has been going on, but I’m still having a difficult time, as this situation has made me a bit depressed.

I hope I’ll be able to write a post every so often, but if I don’t, just know that my commitment to this blog isn’t over. I fully intend to keep standing up for both the facts and my beliefs.

In the meantime, keep yourself educated with our current political environment and speak out yourself!

Please add me on Twitter, as 280 characters is far easier for me than an entire blog entry. @liberaltakes12. You can also contact me through email at lindsay@liberaltakes.com.

I hope you don’t forget me in my absence. Liberal Takes will be coming back, and with a much more regular posting schedule than before. I fully intend to revive this blog, and hope to be back soon. And I hope to hear from you all soon.

Best Wishes,


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