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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all Americans!

I wonder how you can celebrate this day if you no longer believe in our Democratic Republic, if you no longer believe in our Constitution, and if you believe it was okay that domestic terrorists used our flags to beat police officers at the insurrection. Hell, I don’t know how you can truly celebrate this day if you believe the insurrection was acceptable or even patriotic. The truth is, you’re not really celebrating what America actually is. The America you’re celebrating doesn’t exist, despite your best efforts.

It reminds me of 2017. NPR was tweeting our Constitution one line at a time. NPR wasn’t making comments on the Constitution or changing words. They were literally tweeting the exact wording of the Constitution.

Trump fans had a fit. They called NPR names, called them biased against Trump, and wondered how they could post something blatantly against our president on the 4th of July. They insulted the media, particularly NPR, for hating Trump. How could they tweet such a thing?

I feel that said a lot about Republicans regarding caring about what America truly stands for. And I think it’s only gotten worse,

IAmPoliticsGirl posted a great video about Independence Day that I also find relevant. It’s a MUST-WATCH! You can watch it here. I highly recommend watching all of her videos. She deserves a much bigger platform than she has. Find all of her content at Politics Girl. There aren’t a lot of people I highly recommend on the internet, but she gets the highest recommendation I can possibly give.

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