Liz Cheney and Moral Courage

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I’m not fond of Liz Cheney’s policies. She voted with Donald Trump 92.9% of the time. She is not somebody I would ever support in an election, nor is she somebody for whom I could ever vote. I absolutely do not respect many of the things she has endorsed politically.

But today, I am not talking about Liz Cheney, the politician. I am talking about Liz Cheney, the person. Is she perfect? No. But there’s a lot to say about her.

I admire her for speaking the truth despite the consequences. I admire her for continuing to speak out in her recent op-ed in The Washington Post. I admire her moral courage.

She knows if she gives in, she can keep her leadership position in the House of Representatives if she just endorses The Big Lie. (Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who stands with Cheney, has said that only about five or less of his colleagues in Congress genuinely believe in The Big Lie anyways.) Coming from a political family, a leadership position in politics has probably always been a dream. But she refuses to stay silent, unlike her colleagues who endorse The Big Lie despite not believing in it.

I admire women like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren because I believe they share the same moral courage and refuse to back down from the truth, however inconvenient.

Just because Liz Cheney does not share my politics does not mean she is not the type of woman to look up to. Any woman who follows her moral compass and values and follows the facts, no matter how disadvantageous, no matter how much it will hurt her or her career, even if it could prevent her from being re-elected, is a woman who deserves respect from all sides.

Sometimes we have to put aside politics — even if it’s somebody we don’t respect politically — and look at the person. She is a person who is following her morals and is willing to lose her career for the truth. It says a lot about her character.

If that’s not the type of woman to admire, I’m not sure who is.


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