Why Aren’t Democrats Talking about the Capitol Riots More?

It is the end of April 2021, and it seems as though coverage of the Capitol Riots has stopped being newsworthy. Where is Congress? Why in the hell aren’t they making this into a more significant issue? The lawyer for Syracuse “Proud Boy” Matthew Greene blames Trump’s rhetoric. Why aren’t the Democrats making the riots and the rhetoric that Trump supporters espoused an issue? We sure as heck know that Republicans would never let us forget if a group of pro-Democrat supporters stormed the capitol.

After this very contested election, there were calls of national healing and bringing both sides to the table. President Trump did not win the popular vote, and there was no mandate placed on him to play well with others.  

Why do Democrats limit themselves? Why do we have this heightened sense of morality regarding our politicians that the other side doesn’t have? Republicans don’t care if their politicians are liarscheaterssexual abusers, or rapists. While I am not suggesting that Democrats should be laze fare about sexual abusers or rapists, why did Democrats push Al Franken out of Congress?

Democrats are probably going to lose the House of Representatives next year. With redistricting and the fact that Democrats don’t usually vote in non-presidential election years, the Democrats will probably lose 5-10 seats at a minimum. And without a solid message, Democrats will lose more.

And it isn’t as though Republicans aren’t giving Democrats ammunition to use in the primaries. We have Marjorie Taylor Greene, the woman who probably gave maps of the capital to rioters and supports a whole bunch of crazy conspiracy theories.

But why is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a more significant liability to the Democratic party than Marjorie Taylor Greene? When Ocasio-Cortez wants to help people, and Greene’s beliefs harm people? It’s because of the media. It’s because Republicans know how to create a lightning rod on an individual and allow the press to villainize a person and, in turn, the entire Democratic party, while Democrats won’t.

Democrats believe themselves too principled to play hardball politics. What is the Democrats’ message for 2022? Republicans are strategizing and staging their 2022 comeback. Where is the Democratic leadership?

In these next few months before primary season begins in earnest, Democrats should be talking about: The Capitol Riots, Voting Rights, Healthcare, and Family leave. These issues should be focused on hard, because the Republicans are trying to take the media focus and put it on stupid stuff, like trans-girls playing sports, which is its own homophobic bag of cats.

Democrats are not going to win by only focusing on their acomplishments. Democrats scared voters to the voting box in 2018 and 2020, they need to do it again, because Republicans do it every year.

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