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These are the personal opinions about current political events from a liberal girl in a red state. I’m a Social Democrat and certainly do NOT speak for all liberals, progressives, or Democrats; I only speak for myself. These are my beliefs only! You may agree or disagree. I’m open to civil discussions with people with any political viewpoints where we each learn from each other, but I’m not open to arguments or name-calling, so please feel free to leave a comment even if you disagree. Let’s just act like adults!

Lindsay’s Story

My story is pretty simple. I grew up as a Texan assuming I was a conservative Republican. Everybody else was, so I was, too, right? One of my grandfathers was a proud Democrat, but he was the only one I knew. My parents raised me to think for myself, though. They never told me what they wanted me to believe. They wanted me to get the information for myself and make up my own opinions. They never told me what to think, and for that, I will always be grateful.

I was in high school while George W. Bush was POTUS, and while I didn’t like him at all as POTUS (but have always had a fondness for him as a person) and had liked Clinton, I still thought I was a red-blooded Republican. It wasn’t until a high school class until we filled out some dumb worksheet about our opinions when I realized that every single one of my beliefs was liberal rather than conservative. And not just a little liberal — incredibly liberal. Something clicked in my head. It made sense why I never felt right about what people around me basically told me to believe. I think my grandfather was secretly proud and excited to get a second Democrat in the family. Nobody else in my family cared until 2016, when arguments became commonplace. (Except for a grandmother who ended up registering as a Democrat in 2016 after being a lifelong Republican.)

Since that day in 2002, I’ve wanted to get to know myself more and more as a person, and I think I’ve succeeded well. It was just so shocking to be so sure you were one thing and realize minutes later you were the exact opposite. Even though you knew your opinions, you believed you were something else just because you were told. And then wonder how you never realized that. I haven’t believed in anything just because I’ve been told ever since. So I’m always trying to get to know hidden aspects of my brain and personality. I think I know myself and my beliefs pretty well by now.

But the most intelligent people are the ones who are willing to challenge their own beliefs and their own selves. And I always strive to do that.

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